Sandhaven Support Fee: Car Sales

Sandhaven Support Fee

Here at Sandhaven Car Sales we always offer our customers outstanding value for money with the products and services we provide. We work very tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that if you experience an issue with your new car, or even just need to be kept updated, we have systems in place to take care of everything you will need.

To save any confusion over our Sandhaven Support Fee, we have listed a few items covered within the package so you can have the confidence knowing that we are only charging it for the right reasons.

Courtesy Car

Having your car off the road can be an inconvenience, leaving you stranded, having to take time off work or arrange lifts. This is why all of our Sandhaven Support Fee customers are entitled to a courtesy car, providing we have one available, at no cost yourself for up to 48hrs upon any warranty or service work needing carried out. This is charged at £15 per day usually. This is subject to age and licence restrictions for insurance purposes.

Processing Warranty Claims

We have a warranty claims handler to process any claims efficiently, meaning you get your car back, fixed, at the earliest available opportunity. There is no waiting around for independent assessor to check your car over and validate claims. In addition to this we also process all the paperwork, meaning a quick and simple process for customers with no money to hand over and no need to chase warranty companies for payment. Saving you time and stress.

Vehicle Diagnostic

Warning lights can be a nightmare but they are a clear sign to drivers that something is not as it should be with their vehicle. If you see a warning light appear on your dashboard, it may be simply a small insignificant and easy to repair fault, or it may be a sign that there is a serious underlying problem with the car. Even if you aren't experiencing any performance issues, it's essential to get the cause of the warning light checked and rectified ASAP. As part of our Sandhaven Support Fee if you bring your car back to us, you will not be charged for any diagnostic work as once again we will pick up the bill (Recommended retail price £50 +VAT).

MOT Discount

Our Sandhaven support customers enjoy all their MOTs on there car at the trade price of £35. That's a £19.50 saving on the usual (£54.50 rrp).

One of the scariest parts of car ownership is MOT time… Will it pass? Will it fail? Will I be recommended to replace unnecessary parts? Sandhaven Service Centre are here to take away the uncertainty. We will be honest and frank with you and not charge you anything you don't need to be charged for. You will always be kept up to date.


Choose to have your car serviced by us at the same time and benefit from a Sandhaven service stamp in the book.

Our state of the art Lauch Diagnostic system gives our technicians accurate and up to date information for every car. We take photos and even a video straight from the system and send you details of failures and advisories via text and email with detailed commentary from your technician, so you can see the issue for yourself (if any)! Furthermore, we never complete any work that will cost you money without your prior authorisation.

Car Valeting / Autoglym Discount

Want to recreate the feeling of collecting your new car? Our Service Support customers car now get an exclusive 10% off any treatment / Valet at our on-site Autoglym centre. Use the discount as many times as you like to have your car looking as good as the day you bought it!

FREE Summer / Winter Inspection

In our experience, the best way to avoid big repair bills it to spot potential problems before they can become real problems! It's for that reason we give all customers that have purchased a car from us, a FREE fully documented Winter and Summer check. The 30-point inspection checks all areas of concern such as brakes, suspension, tyres and all fluid levels. The Service Centre prepare a detailed report with any remedial work recommended as necessary including pictures, videos and advice directly from the technicians. The usual price of this comprehensive check is £20+VAT. As part of our Sandhaven support fee, we pay for this inspection.

Sandhaven Service and MOT Centre

We have a service administration, in place who send you reminders when your car is due for service, MOT and also confirmation of bookings you may make to the Service centre via text straight to your mobile, and also via email, meaning you never have to worry about missing your MOT due date or go overdue on your service (which can lead to warranties and/or your car insurance becoming void). Due to demand we recommend you book in early.

Handover Autoglym Gold Valet

Your new car has already benefitted from a full AutoGlym platinum valet for display on our fourcourt. In addition to this our in valeting team will carry out a Gold Valet ready for collection (rrp £30) . This includes a wash and polish to the exterior paintwork and glass, tyre shine, and a full interior hoover with hard surfaces dusted.

Handover Fuel

Before your collection we will add some fuel, so the first journey in your new car isn't worrying if you will make it to the petrol station or not. Please consider that all cars we purchase tend to have little to no fuel left in them by the previous owner. We Will put in £10 of fuel as part of the package, or more upon request, and charge you the diference.

Registration Documents / change of ownership / Warranty administration

V5 registration documents are completed by us online, giving instant transfer of ownership, again taking out the hassle for you of registering your new car in your name. We also help you with your new car by administering your tax for your new vehicle on site on day of collection, meaning when you leave your car is road legal, in your name and warranted.

Autoglym Administration

If you choose to have your paintwork protected by our market leading Autoglym Lifeshine ceramic coat we also administer the lifetime warranty that covers the product. We also take care of any warranty claims on the product for the full duration of your ownership.

AA HPI Check

We take care of the HPI on your new car as a matter of course and we also HPI check your part exchange (if you have one) at our expense, typically in the region of £10-15. You do not need to HPI a car you are purchasing from us. Please consider that when we purchase cars we think the same as our customers and we are very picky about our stock. We look at service history, owners, condition and more importantly mileage checks and HPI (which we also must pay for). If you would like a copy please ask and we will be happy to provide you with one.


We do a great deal of work behind the scenes with our partner finance providers. From negotiating excellent rates with our current partners, to bringing additional finance companies on board if we feel they have a great product for our customers.

We process all your finance needs in house, setting up your new package including all relevant identification checks and completing all paperwork on your new agreement from initial set up to completion phase. We fully settle any existing finance on your part exchange, meaning you don't have to do anything. All part exchanges are settled usually within three to five working days depending on finance company.